Jaeden Walton

Performing Arts Design

100 Years of Broadway
2024 - Victoria BC, Canada Production Website
Arrangement by Mac Huff
Directed and Choreographed by Pia Wyatt
Musical Direction by Stephanie Sartore
Set Design by Jaeden Walton
Costume Design by Tiffanie Leger
Lighting Design by Carson Schmidt
Sound Design by Thomas Moore
Stage Managed by Megan Farrell

My Own Sol
2023 - Victoria BC, Canada Company Website
Written by Ella Macdonald
Directed by Aiden Finn
Sound Design by Jaeden Walton
Sound Design assisted by Zoey Collins
Set Design by Emilie Shjarback & Chiara Power
Costume Design by Lilian Doucet
Lighting Design by Theon Winn
Stage Managed by Connor Gleeson
Photography by Megan Farrell

2023 - Victoria BC, Canada Production Website
Written by Nadia Myroon
Directed by Thomas Moore
Sound Design by Jaeden Walton
Set Design by Stevie Welsh
Costume Design by Aiden Finn & Morgan Christopher
Lighting Design by Syrah Khan
Stage Managed by Aiden Finn
Voted 2nd Favourite Comedy at the Victoria Fringe Festival

Window Exhibit at the Prague Quadrennial
2023 - Praha, Česká Republika PQ Website
Brooke Hogewiede, 4th-year, Costume Design and Urban Intervention lead; Carson Schmidt, 3rd-year, Video lead, publication, and Urban Intervention; Emily Schuler, 4th-year, Costume Design; Jaeden Walton, 3rd-year, Sound Design lead; Jane Wishart, MFA Candidate, Costume Design and Urban Intervention; Ken Matthews, 4th-year, Set Design lead Lisa Van Oorschot, MFA Candidate, Set Design and Video; Mallory Goodman, MFA Candidate, Costume and Set Design; Zoe Bechtold, 3rd-year, Costume and Set Design; Zoey Collins, 3rd-year, Lighting Design Lead and Sound.
Supervised by Kerem Çetinel & Patrick Du Wors
Script by Jason Patrick Rothery and Eric Rose

Vinegar Tom
2023 - Victoria BC, Canada Production Website
Written by Carol Churchill
Directed by Francis Matheu
Sound Design by Jaeden Walton
Music by Helen Glavin
Sound Design assisted by Ky Lands & Andrew Shepherd
Musical Direction by Naomi Harris
Musical Arrangments by Naomi Sehn
Set & Costume Design by Mallory Goodman
Lighting Design by Ken Matthews & Carson Schmidt
Choreography by Alison Roberts
Streaming Direction by Kevin Eastman
Stage Managed by Georgia Sherman
Photography by Megan Farrell

Spring Awakening
2022 - Victoria BC, Canada Production Website
Directed by Michelle Rios
Music Direction by Mary Jane Coomber
Set Design by Ken Matthews
Set Design Assisted by Jaeden Walton
Lighting Design by Kerem Çetinel
Costume Design by Jane Wishart
Assistant Direction & Choreography by Alison Roberts
Streaming Direction by Kornél Danis & Rowan Watts
Stage Managed by Grace Carmichael
Photography by Megan Farrell

Dead Man's Cell Phone
2021 - Victoria BC, Canada Production Website
Directed by Fran Gebhard
Set & Lighting Design by Patrick Du Wors
Costume Design by Parker Feenstra
Sound Design by Miriam Dumitra
Sound Design assisted by Jaeden Walton
Livestream Direction by Sloane Vasko
Stage Managed by Olivia Reid-Friesen
Choreography & Fight Direction by Jacques Lemay

The Wizard of Oz
2021 - Kelowna BC, Canada Company Website
Directed by Ryan Grenier
Set, Lighting, Projection, Sound Design by Jaeden Walton
Costume Design by Ryan Grenier
Choreography by Rowyn Grenier
Stage Managed by Jaeden Walton

I'll Stop The World For You
2021 - Kelowna BC, Canada Company Website
Written by Bonnie Gratz
Directed by Josie Morrow
Set Design by Josie Morrow
Lighting & Sound Design by Jaeden Walton
Stage Managed by Braeden Rachfall


Jaeden Walton is a performing arts designer originally from the land of the Syilx Okanagan peoples (Kelowna, BC).Jaeden's main artistic disciplinaries lie within scenography, primarily scenic and sound design. They've taken many studio courses in all elements of design at the University of Victoria. They grew up infatuated with music and studied percussive theory and performance from a very young age, taking many private lessons in piano theory, percussive jazz studies, and percussive heavy metal. Their background in music is what eventually led them to pursue sound design in the realm of scenography. Jaeden also takes a heavy interest in costume and fashion design.Drawing heavy inspiration for their work in questioning the nature of how things operate, and how they can mould that into something new, Jaeden strives to lure the spectator into a piece that seems ‘normal’ at first, to then expose them to something more radical and abstracted.Jaeden holds a BFA in Theatre Design with Distinction from the University of Victoria, and in the fall will be entering the MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts program at the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University.jaeden.walton@outlook.com


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